Concrete Ambitions & Geometrical Variables: Cassius Castings + United Nude's VX Bench 

By: Irenebrination

Architectural features such as staircases and walls often appear as backgrounds in the shoots for United Nude's shoes. So it was only natural for the company to push things a bit further and come up with a unique interior design piece. The company recently unveiled the VX Bench, the result of a collaborative project with Cassius Castings.

Rem D. Koolhaas, founder of United Nude, and Thomas Musca from Cassius Castings, share a common ground and a passion for design and architecture and decided to come up with a special project.

Musca has so far designed several pieces of concrete furniture that show craftsmanship and design, Cassius Castings manufactures indeed premium concrete furniture by hand. All its pieces are extremely solid, weather-proof, maintenance free and virtually indestructible, they are therefore ideal for both private and public spaces.

Together with United Nude Cassius Castings designed a bench based on mathematical and geometrical principles and in particular on two segments, a longer and a shorter one. Each segment is divided in five parts, the points of the parts are then united to create vertical line segments.

Subtle variations are then added to the basic structure of the bench, so, rather than following the sequence 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, for example, the last two points are mixed with 4 uniting with 5 and 5 with 4. Multiple variations are then developed, but the bench remains solid yet its structure gives it a sense of lightness.