Our hottest collaboration yet - now available for pre-order.  We've partnered with powerhouse designer Bao Tranchi, an LA based fashion designer behind the label BAO TRANCHI, costume designer to A-list movies, and Netflix NEXT IN FASHION finalist, on a limited edition collection of three sexy statement shoes.  A match made in design heaven - Bao Tranchi's design philosophy, architectural cutouts, couture-level tailoring, and celebration of the female form give these new AW23 styles the attitude and confidence United Nude is known for.

See our interview with Bao below to learn more about the collection. Shop the collection here.

Q: Why did you want to partner with United Nude?

Bao: As a designer and worshipper of the Female Form, I’ve always been obsessed with the Architectural push and pull of physics as well as the beauty of Negative & positive space as it moves around the body. I fell in love with United Nude from the moment I first laid eyes on a pair 13 years ago.  Immediately, I felt a design philosophy kinship and became an instant huge fan. This was a shoe brand that was making extraordinary Shoes outside of the box in such gorgeous architectural brilliance. When the invite came from United Nude to collaborate, I was so honored  as a long time fan but so over the moon as a designer,  knowing that this was truly a  match made in shoe heaven.

Q: Why did you choose these three styles?

Bao: I choose these three styles because they absolutely ooze all the elements of BAO TRANCHI. Sexy, powerful, dominant. So Fierce yet so refined and timeless. 

Q: What inspired the colors/materials of the collection? 

Bao: I wanted to design the most powerful badass sexy AF Statement Shoes that are the must have base of every Women’s Shoe collection.  It not only goes with everything but then Elevates every look its paired with just BEYOND. I wanted a power sexy Heel/ Bootie, a power taking Boot, and the power fun shoe Mary Jane.  I chose Black because it is just simply the most  incredible color that enhances every other color and texture around it to its most ultimate degree and power.  I want statement shoes that are timelessly a Statement and not a fleeting Trend. The shiniest black patent leather is so slick and wet, with a gorgeous rainbow sheen to it that illuminates the color pops of the Gold & Blue Statement heels and hot pink insole.

Q: How would you style these shoes? and where could we see you wearing these?

Bao: I would style these shoes with every outfit.  Pair a LBD or a jumpsuit with the EDGE and it skyrockets it to a whole new level. A pair of jeans and a tee shirt with the STAGE BOOT is killer. A cute flirty dress or tailored shorts with an oversized blazer and crop tank with the STAGE Dorsey is incredible. These were designed to go everywhere and with everything in your closet. These are the shoes that tell everyone “I OWN MY POWER”.